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AfroDeity was at Cambridge Style Week

Last week AfroDeity were fortunte enough to have a Pop Up Shop at Cambridge Style Week.  In the African - Caribbean community fashion is more than just the clothes that we wear. Accessories play an important part of our fashion sense and for every black woman, her hair is her most important accessory.  I know that no matter what I am wearing if I dont feel comfortable with  my hair, my outfit just doesn't feel right. Our hair is our greatest fashion accessory and it is so versatile  There are so many different styles that we can achieve with this hair type. The 'Naturalution' has highlighted this versatility. 

There was so much to see at Cambridge Style Style Week. Having lived in Cambridge many years ago. I never thought of Cambridge as a City full to the brim with so much from the Fashion World but you need look no further than success stories like the 'Cambridge Satchel Company' and 'The Cambridge Raincoat Company'  to know that fashion and Cambridge really go hand in hand.

We caught a few candid pics from the day:

We were also treated to a fashion show, the beehive being the most prominent hair style:

Here are a few pics from our Boutique. Our most popular product was of course the Fountain Pimento Oil, but people were really interested in all our products, Hug My Hair Avocado Mango Tango and the Sisay Okra range.

Photos by Alex Bright Photography

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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