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Stuck for a Mothers Day Gift?


Mothers Day Spa Indulgence

I've got my Mothers Day present! Have You?
For mothers day this year, We've decide to give our mothers, the gift of relaxation. They all spend a lot of time on their feet and we thought that this year what could be more enjoyable than a relaxing foot soak and pedicure or perhaps a long soak in the bath. What better way to do that than with the therapeutic Fountain Pimento and Mint Medley Bath Salts

Fountain's blend of premium salts is permeated with Pimento Oil and a medley of Jamaican mints. This home spa therapy treatment will condition  and nourish the skin, giving relief to soften dry skin - all whilst soothing away aches ad pains. In addition, relieving tension and promoting a good nights sleep!
You can find the Fountain Products at AfroDeity. To get your gift before Mothers Day! Use the Coupon Code MUM001 for a discount at checkout on all Fountain Oil products.

What weI love most about Fountain is their dedication to helping the farmers in Jamaica and help the radically declining agricultural industry there. Read their mission statement here!

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