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AfroDeity Profile: Operations Manager

AfroDeity's Operations Manger Alicia agreed to let us feature a few candid shots that we took of her this weekend.

Alicia deals with the day to day running of AfroDeity and is often the point of call for any major problems our customers may have. She also organises the warehouse to ensure that your orders leave us and get directly into your hands. Essentially when something goes wrong she is our fixer!

Hair in Messy Curly Bun/ Updo

Favourite Protective Styles: Twists, Braid Outs
Hair type: 4b/c currently transitioning with her transition buddy Niki
Alicia's Favourite Products: Jane Carter Revitalising Leave In, Joliette Curl Me Soft
Relationships: Joliette's daughter

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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