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There is so much more to the Caribbean

As a Brit of Caribbean descent (Jamaica) I am always keen to tell people about the wonderful things that come from the Caribbean and all the variety: whether it be flora, fauna, healing herbs, butters, people, architecture, animals or art. I do get slightly annoyed when you tell people you are of Jamaican descent to be met with the all too familar 'Irie Mon', especially if you are not Jamaican this must really be irritating. There is so much to the Caribbean and so much to experience and explore. 

AfroDeity is excited to showcase the healing herbs and butters from the Caribbean to the UK and EU. What was known to my ancestors as traditional bush medicines or teas are the natural products that I have truly found beneficial to my hair and skin. Recently I have fallen in love with Mango Butter for my hair and skin. 

Mango Butter - Can seal moisture in to the hair and soften dry brittle strands. Excellent for sunburn. Repairs heels on cracked feet

Avocado Oil -  has regenerative and moisturising properties. It is often added to 

Castor Oil(JBCO) - Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and as such help with hair loss associated with this. Give hair a fuller thicker appearance. 

Pimento Oil - healing soothing antioxidant properties and a natural analgesic. Massage oil for aches and pain. 

Peppermint - Dual uses - Stimulating properties on hair and skin. Relaxing properties when ingested as tea and can hep with indigestion.

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