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Black Hair Magazines UK

Hi There,

If  you don't live in a major city, you cant pop into your local boots or tesco and find a hair care magazine. Luckily with the advent of technology you can now read these online.

Here are a few UK Mags that I've found for info on hair trends and styles:

Natural Bloom - A Black Hair Magazine featuring all things natural, distributed by the Natural Haven.
Pride - A beauty magazine for black women.
SistazMag - An online magazine created by women for women and the men who love to know about them
Precious -  An online magazine, network and resource for women of colour. Hair Tips too!
Tiya Hair, beauty and fashion for creative people, 
The AfroWomans Ezine - I guess the name says it all. A website giving afro-women beauty products news, recipes and articles to boost their self-esteem.
Black Beauty and Hair - One of the big brands when it comes to black hair mags here in the UK
Black Hair - Another big UK hair magazine 

Let us know of any more!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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